2018 Asia-Pacific Activities Conference (APAC)

Forensics Finals

Hosted by Concordia International School Shanghai

A comedic or dramatic performance in which an actor performs a selection from a published script or original student work.

An original persuasive speech about a person, personal or universal issue which engages the heart and intellect of the audience while compelling them towards action.

An oral interpretation of one or more selections of poetry or prose by a single author, which are either comedic or dramatic in nature.

A short persuasive or informative impromptu speech, lasting a handful of minutes which is focused around a single word or phrase.

A current events focused speech where the speaker is given a choice of two topics based upon recent international headlines and then provided 30 minutes to prepare and execute a short speech.

A debate in which 2 panels of 2 debates each, aim to effectively persuade an audience as to the pro or con side of a controversial resolution.