Style Guide to Pushing your Uniform Fashion to the Limit

by Elisabeth T., Concordia Applied Journalism

1. All students will wear school uniform to school... Uniforms help identify our students quickly, minimize distractions, are designed with health and safety in mind, and create a sense of belonging within our community.” (Concordia HS handbook)

2. The uniform cannot be tattered, torn, discolored or ill fitting.

“All clothing must be appropriately sized and conform to Concordia’s norms of modesty.” (Concordia HS handbook)

3. All shirts and pants must be school uniform approved.
— The Concordia HS Student Handbook

Within acceptable limits, it is the responsibility of the Concordia student to choose appropriate clothing and to know what one can and cannot wear. While the High School Student Handbook makes clear the expectations regarding student dress code, Concordia has left a small grey area for students to freely express themselves.

Some recent observations reveal that students regularly experiment with their outfit choices. Some wear fun socks to school or fancy shoes. Recently many clothing stores have been carrying socks with designs on them. Some character themed stores will put their characters onto their socks, while others will put patterns or multiple colors onto their socks.

Shoes are definitely one of the top choices for experimenting. There is the least limitations on what shoes are available. Students are not allowed to wear crocs or flip-flops, plus heels taller than 2 inches are forbidden. Other than that, one can wear any kind of shoes one prefers. Most students like to wear branded running shoes from Nike and Adidas. They come in all colors and are a popular choice. Other choices one could wear are boots, closed toe and heel sandals and in the winter times even Uggs. 

Others prefer more subtle items to dress up their outfit such as jewelry. Rings, bracelets and necklaces are the most popular. Others accessorize their items and bags with keychains, pins and stickers. It’s not always about accessorizing your outfit but also that things you have. 

Out of all of these ways to accessorize the most popular way is to wear permitted club hoodies and crewnecks. There are a huge variety, it is a easy way to be comfortable and show off a club you like.

You might like to give these boundary-pushing tips a try! 

  1. The school policy states “To ensure uniform conformity if/when an outer top (for example: a uniform sweater, sweatshirt or long-sleeved top) is removed, a uniform shirt must be worn under any outer top. When a student is in uniform, at a minimum they must be wearing a uniform top and bottom”  If you want to push the limit by wearing a lighter coat or jacket, that is not distracting, you probably won’t have a problem. Just make sure to be wearing a school uniform shirt and pants underneath. But if you’re spotted by a teacher and told to take it off you had better take it off.

2. You can wear any kind of bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. As long as its not obnoxious or distracting accessorize away! 

3. The regulations state: “Students will be allowed to wear a white, navy blue, or gray scarf during the day as part of the uniform. ”Style your outfit by wearing a navy blue, khaki or white scarf to school, but if you want to push the limit wear any scarf you like to school. 

4. Some students might have been seen really pushing the limit. Wearing the uncomfortable long school uniform pants has inspired some to buy khaki or navy blue pants from other stores that are more comfortable. They have made sure that the color is identical to the school uniforms. Tailoring is also rumored to be an option. The fake market, at the Museum of Science and Technology subway stop might be a source of perfectly tailored uniform alternatives for the risk-taking fashion boundary pusher.

Be aware and respectful. Check out the detailed uniform rules: