When Art Holds Up A Mirror

Students of Concordia's Advanced Placement Studio Art have been exploring what it means to examine one's own experiences through artistic expression. 

Under the direction of Jane Klammer, students develop their "concentrations" by expressing a self-analysis of formative experiences as they deepen specific stylistic abilities. Join the journey as students guide us through their thinking.

Sara Tanikawa: Class of 2018

My concentrations revolves around my childhood experiences and emotions. I was raised in a bicultural home and lived in China, Japan and America growing up. Each work reflects a thought, moment or an object from my early years. I chose to focus on paintings with acrylic and acrylic gouache, as well as colored pencil and pastel for details.

Samuel Yang: Class of 2018

I take an interest in the physical capacities of objects, such as the discontinued lines of a stairway and the geometrics of a bridge, and want to extend beyond that limit. My sustained investigation focuses on the continuity of lines and shadows and all that’s in-between. Using photography, collaging, pencil/charcoal, and acrylic paint, I collaged pictures from various geographical locations and extended their shapes and lines to extract a different view on how continuity is everywhere.

Sophia Kong: Class of 2018

My sustained investigation theme originates from a childhood memory. Sitting across from a pair of dead birds in an empty apartment was the most frightening incident. My paintings and drawings explore a fear called Ornithophobia — the phobia of birds — especially for pigeons, personally. I progress from my earlier memories to my most current memories of my fear. Symbols of mental and physical symptoms that follow the fear are illustrated throughout my investigation. 

Luke Miller: Class of 2018

In the past fifty years, gig posters have become an art form of their own. much like album artwork, artists seek to display elements of music visually. They focus on various aspects of the music, such as themes, motifs, textures, and influences, in the process of conceptualizing and design the posters. Additionally, the posters primary is to advertise. Designers must always find ways to effectively convey the message of the poster. This is what I have done in my sustained investigation.

Emily Wang: Class of 2018

There are defining moments in one’s life that fault or follow all others. Whether it’s feeling like you’re on top of the world or under it, all places are temporary places. This concentration follows my journey into adulthood in a movie reel of moments to find a place of contentment with myself, if a peace can be found at all.