Mindfulness: Enjoy your food!

How long does it take you to eat a meal?  10-minutes?  15?  Did you even taste anything?!? How many chews did you get in?

Slow down!  Food is good, so enjoy it!  Here are 6 Ways to Practice Mindful Eating.

When discussing nutrition, people tend to jump to specifics: calories, micronutrients, food selection, or a particular fad diets.  HOW you are eating is just as important as WHAT you are eating.

If you're going into a meal starving and overeating, not drinking 2-3L of water throughout the day, skipping meals, binge or emotional eating - there's no need to get into specifics!

If you are thinking about improving your overall health, maybe start off with a reflection of HOW you eat:
Am I savoring the experience of sitting around friends, family, colleagues over a meal? 
Or am I eating anything and everything in my path as quickly as possible until I'm full?


Jared Maisel