Tech or not to Tech? Wearables and Apps for Fitness

9 fitness apps that eliminate every single workout excuse

9 fitness apps that eliminate every single workout excuse

To tech or not to tech?  Should you add wearable technology to track your step count, heart rate, calories burned, and all that stuff?  Do you need to you use an app to keep track of your weekly fitness routine?  I don't know!  It's up to you!

Every one may occasionally need a friendly, helpful reminder to get moving.  There are a variety of apps that can provide seamless, quick access to information on physical activity tracking, advisement, or just how to mix up the routine.

However, when the intervention creates a negative feedback loop, then maybe we should not tech.  Some individuals peek at the scoreboard too often.  Meaning: they constantly weigh themselves, check the blood pressure, count steps, count calorie intake, etc.  They set goals and if they don't meet the goal, they discontinue the behavior due to burnout.  So for those people: if we eliminate the scoreboard then we may eliminate the burnout and focus solely the process of healthy habits.

If you feel it's adding value to your life and that it's a healthy habit - great, do it! 
If it causes more harm than help, or adds stress to your day - get rid of it!

Jared Maisel