The Process of Wellness

If you don't know Nick Saban, then you probably don't know American college sports.  He is the most successful American Football coach in college athletics ever.  Coach Saban has a unique approach to the game for his team - ignore the scoreboard.  Saban's philosophy is to do your 1, 2, or 3 tasks to the best of your ability.  The clear, primary actions and choices are the most important - not the score at the end of the game.  Success is process-driven not outcome-driven.

When I ask patients about their overall health goals, it's usually: lose weight, 6-pack abs, look toned, bulk up, etc.  We cannot control those types of results.  We can't decide where our body stores fat tissue, we can't always convert our body shape into a more desirable one. Although, of course, we wish we could.

A wise coach once told a team, the two things you can control are "your attitude and your work ethic."  You can't control if every shot goes in or score a goal every time you touch the ball.  But you can control your mental/emotional approach and your diligence - The Process.

What are the immediate, attainable, consistent, controllablesimple 1-3 tasks for you to be a little healthier today?

Can you control if you have the salad bar for lunch twice a week?  Yes.
Can you control taking a walking meeting with a colleague?  Yes.
Can you control having a large water bottle with you around the work day?  Yes.
Can you get fired up and internally motivated by your own positive progress?  Yes.
Can you turn your body into that of a Greek God by summer?  Probably not.


What can I do to make myself better?

Right here, right now.

Jared Maisel