Supporting Fellow Readers from Afar

Concordia students love literature. And now they’re able to share their love of reading with others.

Supporting the work of a trailblazing social visionary, books collected through the efforts of three Concordia students are on their way to a unique new library in Russia.

Janice Ghil, the founder of the library, was born in Korea, and received her university degree, in cross cultural work. She and her husband, John, spent 15 years developing and establishing an NGO to help the local community of Sainshand, Mongolia. She has established green house projects with local women, literacy projects for youth, and sewing projects for women, using camel hair.  Janice and John believe in empowering the next generation. They make relationships with the local culture and dialogue to uncover the most pressing needs. They  pray, and take action to make these visions and dreams a reality, for the local communities.   Janice, then, mentors the next generation by looking for sustainable projects.

Presently, she and John are now in Siberia, beginning a new work in establishing a small English Library, called the Lighthouse Library. She is gathering books where character development is a theme in the texts. Listen in on the discussion between Janice and students Grace, Alice and Jenny.