More Than Words

When Ideas Become Art

RJ M. adds a little more colour.

RJ M. adds a little more colour.

There is evidence of Concordia’s 2017-2018 motto “We Wear Love” throughout the school. But tucked away in a 4th story art room there is a student-created mural that takes the idea to a whole new level.

Jonathan S. carefully designs a contribution to the "We Weave Love" mural.

Jonathan S. carefully designs a contribution to the "We Weave Love" mural.

Students from pre-school to Grade 4 in Kim Gibson’s art classes worked collaboratively from December to April to create a 3-D mural that expands the length of the classroom wall. Through the corrugated cardboard weaving, layered foam flowers, pipe cleaners, wire, and thread, three words emerge:  “We Weave Love.”

Around the Christmas season, Kim was chatting with some of her third grade students about this year’s motto. A student commented that when you wear something, it can be taken off. But if you weave love, it is integrated into the cloth.

“Love knits us together,” Kim explains.

The project started as a bulletin board on which students interlaced cardboard strips and then overlaid individually made flowers. Over time, the students and teacher stopped using the term “bulletin board.”

“It became a work of art, a mural. Our community art.” Kim says. “It is the focal point of our room. We refer to it all the time. It is a reference of how we work together.”

Grade 4 student Mable C. says that the art piece changes the whole mood of the room. Her seatmate Sofia L. agrees.

“It really feels good to be a part of this,” she says. “It is a symbol for our Concordia community.”

Kindergarten student Zoe G shares her opinion on what the mural represents.