In a Concordia minute:

Welcome to our first online documentary film festival!


Concordia’s Applied Journalism students have worked hard to produce a series of 1-minute documentaries. From newsy to artsy, these short videos aim to take the viewer on a journey. Every producer found ways to grow as an effective communicator through the process of envisioning and refining these stories.

Early results from our preview panel have added some accolades that help distinguish some exceptional talent.

Visit often so you have time to view them all!

Special Recognition:


Title: 1-Minute Bento

Producer: Elisabeth T.


Special Recognition: Thematic Exploration

Title: Money

Producer: Abigail W.


Special Recognition: Community connection

Title: Our Own Athletic Trainer

Producer: Cayla C.


Special Recognition: School Spirit

Title: Warming up for APAC Band 2019

Producer: Jake L.


Special Recognition: videography

Title: Shoes

Producer: Hannah R.


Special Recognition: Instruction

Title: Melon Pan

Producer: John H.


Special Recognition: Internship Project

These three high quality videos were created for The Concordia Fund through an internship with Concordia Video Specialist Daniel Mendes.

Title: Rittmann Theatre Upgrades

Producer: Abigail W.

Title: Mandarin Classroom Upgrades

Producer: Ashley T.

Title: New Playground

Producer: Evelyn S.


View the entire collection.

Each one is worth your minute.