Who's Got a Secret?: The One with the Scooter

by Erika B., Concordia Applied Journalism

The familiar roll of wheels on pavement.

The loud clatter as they hit the ground.

The feeling of freedom as he propels himself forward.

His mind is crystal clear, focused only on executing the trick. Tensions from school, social life and college applications dissolve…


Who’s got a secret?


My subject was young when he picked up his first scooter. Age ten, actually.

The shiny silver, the slim frame, the Razor statement.


His feet hold steady on the metal as he performs his tricks. ( image supplied )

His feet hold steady on the metal as he performs his tricks. (image supplied)

Most people would say the impact from the fall is the worst. My subject disagrees.


“I've ridden for so long I tend not to [fall] or at least I’m able to minimize the impact. The problem with riding so long is that I really have to push myself to learn new things,” he says. “No more basics.”


 No, falling isn’t the worse, he says. The mind games are the worst.


To fly off a ramp into a spin takes courage. Psychologically, it is difficult to continue to tell himself that he won’t get hurt. That he can do this.


It has been 8 years since he first put his hands and feet on that first scooter. 9 countries and 4 continents later, he treasures the memories of meeting fellow scooterists everywhere he has gone.


Who is that zipping past? ( image supplied )

Who is that zipping past? (image supplied)

“The skatepark is a special place because everyone is like minded and shares a hobby. Everyone there is your friend,” he says.


The skatepark. A concrete jungle-gym full of twists and turns, pipes and poles, viewers and skaters. It is a creative haven for all those who come to experience the excitement and awe of athletics on wheels.


Despite the fans and other scooterists, he is able to focus on the trick, to perfect the execution. The spectators fade into a low murmur as the gravel crunches beneath his wheels. It is just him and his scooter entwined in a delicate dance with gravity.


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Erika B. is a senior student at Concordia International School, Shanghai. This is one in a series of community discovery articles called Who’s Got a Secret?