Students and Faculty Square Off on the Field

by Aidan H., Concordia 8th Grade Student


 As Christmas season is just around the corner, the Concordia International School Shanghai’s First Annual Student vs Faculty Soccer Game had begun – a David vs Goliath event – with 350 middle school students sitting on the sidelines of the astro-turf field, organized by Mr. Ryan Muir, eight grade math teacher.

The students put on their shin guards and cleats while the sun smiled and the wind whistled by the players. The cleats dug into the astro turf as the players walked into the circle. Grace A. – an 8th grade C1 girls’ soccer player – kicked off the game as eighth grader referee, Paige Williams, blew the whistle. The soccer field exploded with a ‘double E’: excitement and ecstasy.

The students and faculty getting ready for the kickoff, organized by Mr. Ryan Muir, grade 8 math teacher and C-SALT advisor.

The students and faculty getting ready for the kickoff, organized by Mr. Ryan Muir, grade 8 math teacher and C-SALT advisor.

The soccer game consisted of three sessions that lasted nine minutes each. The mixed gender student team consisted of the C1 boys and girls team. Between every session there was an activity – the drawing of a raffle ticket. The raffle tickets were ¥10 each and the Concordia – Students Athletic Leadership Team (C–SALT) raised ¥1560 in total. The money will be used to give to a charity that helps in the prevention of human trafficking –

 The soccer game was eye opening because the skills that the students used to ornament their plays were jaw dropping. Both the teachers and the students were able to make accurate passes, blow by the defenders like the maglev with speed and agility.

 Once the students gained control of the ball, Junsung, a grade eight soccer fanatic, retrieved the ball and weaved through the teachers like a taxi driver in the city of Shanghai traffic. Once Junsung had the chance to shoot in the goal box, a teacher from the back fouled him. The audience on the bleachers stopped talking and gasped. Fortunately, Junsung bounced back up and got ready for the penalty.

Beep! The whistle filled the field as Junsung put one foot in front of the other. With precision, he kicked the ball. Everybody stiffened, holding their breath, as the ball rotated toward Mr. Thomas, the faculty goalie. “NOOOO!” Junsung screamed in despair as he saw Mr. Thomas’s hands grasped the ball into his chest. Just like that, the first phase of the game ended with the score being 0 – 0.

People began to become bored in the second phase as the score remained tied at 0 – 0; there were no shots at all. However, by the third phase is the real fun started – it was a “dab” moment.

 As soon as the ball was kicked, student Andrew B. intercepted the ball from grade seven teacher Mr. Mike Brandon and charged towards the goal. As Mr. Thomas, middle school assistant principal, was on his toes glaring at the ball, Andrew shot the ball towards the goal. Mr. Thomas leaped towards the ball but had to watch the ball roll pass him, losing a painstaking point.

Noticing the point for the students’ team switched to ‘one’ on the score board, Mr. Stewart received a pass after the kick off. He hastily hustled through the defense and shot the ball. The ball bulleted through Nelson’s Nike gloves, causing the game tie again. With two minutes left, Jacob and Mr. Stewart made a goal for both teams and the game went into the penalty kicks.

 Both teams selected two players to shoot for the penalty. Student Cohen C. made the penalty after Mr. Brandon missed the shot against Nelson. Then, Mr. Kennedy, grade 6 humanities teacher, took a shot but missed. He fell to the ground, grabbing his knee. The game was 3 – 2 and Yoyo Z., a grade eight student, stepped up to the ball and blasted it toward Mr. Thomas.

The Girls C1 team huddled around her and started screaming, “GOALLL! LET’S GO YOYO!” The game was officially over with a score of  4 – 2, a student victory.

Junhee, a C1 soccer player, said, “[t]oday was a great opportunity to get closer with my teammates and the teachers. Although we didn’t have time to practice together, we took initiative. I was happy about the results and I would love to participate in another activity just like this.” 

This soccer game was a perfect way to let the students relieve stress about their academics and grades. The players also became a stronger community while playing together and were able to show off their ostentatious skills in front of their peers and teachers.

Aidan H is an 8th Grade student who produced this report as part of a Journalism unit