Remembering Olympic Week 2019 in Words and Video

Story by Anne L., Concordia Applied Journalism ~ Video by Student Media Services Filmmaking

Two weeks before the start of Spring break, High School division was abuzz with a much-loved annual event: the Olympic Week and the Spirit Week! Students welcomed such energizing events as Hungry Hungry Hippos, KCC and Tug-of-War alongside more academic puzzlers such as Jenga and Typeracer.

Once the competition began, everybody was thrilled to gather as many points possible for their grade. The seniors were the most pressured since it was their final Olympic Week. They fought for their dignity. All the other lower grades were eager to challenge the eldest and take the place of the final winner. During the two weeks, almost all social conversations revolved around the topic of Olympic Week.

While the entire high school clearly enjoyed the excitement of competition and fun activities, the purpose of building community spirit was well noted. Sophomore class representative Lillian F. explains that the ultimate purpose of the Olympic week is for everyone to feel more involved and encouraged in this community. This special time of year is aimed at helping students appreciate their time with their peers.

Student Media Services Filmmaking Team has been working hard to immortalize the HS Olympic Week and spirit weeks.

These short films document both weeks of the festivities.

Spirit Week began coincided with the second Olympic week with traditional days such as pajama day, character day, twin day, black & white day, and class spirit day. Students all over the campus were wearing costumes and interesting clothes that follow the theme of the day. For pajama day, many students simply came out of bed and came to school wearing their comfy PJs for classes. On character day, there were people who dressed up as Lilo and Stitch, Donald Trump, Rosie the Riveter, Connor, Wendy from Gravity Falls and Alvin and the Chipmunks. Twin day shows the friendship! Many best friends dressed up as twins, triplets, or even quadruplets. On Thursday, everybody became a cool, swag boy/girl. And Friday, class spirit day, is devoted to the honor of the class: students dressed in their class color to declare their affinity.

During these two weeks, students and faculties of HS Concordia are able to relax and diverge from academics for a while and enjoy the fun of involvement. The efforts to promote a more attached, connected community will continue to resonate with us for months to come!