ES Journalism Teacher Goes Momentarily Missing

By the ES Journalism CCA

April 9, 2019

 SHANGHAI — What happens when your journalism teacher doesn’t show up for her CCA and leaves 9 students to wonder about her whereabouts?

            You write a news story about it, of course! Students in Mrs. Turner’s Journalism CCA were surprised when their teacher didn’t meet them in the MSR as usual. After 5 minutes, they started to wonder what was going on.

            “I was worried,” said journalism student Natalie K. “I thought she might be missing.”

            It turns out that Mrs. Turner was distracted over the upcoming JPAC soccer tournament and had dashed home after school to prepare her apartment for home-stays that are arriving later this week. She had thought it was Monday because she didn’t have students the day before due to a teacher work day. Mrs. Turner’s CCA is normally held on Tuesdays.

            “When Mrs. De Koker called me, I let out a little yelp and my son came out of his room to see what was going on,” Mrs. Turner said. “Then I raced back to school through the rain. As I flew passed teachers walking home, they called out ‘You’re going the wrong way!’”

            Luckily, the Grade 3 and 4 journalism students had Mrs. Dominique-Pierre to watch over them while Mrs. Turner hustled back to school. She gave them a tour of the recording studio and talked to them about news writing.

            When Mrs. Turner finally arrived, she apologized to the students and asked them to forgive her for her absentmindedness. Then she asked them if they wanted to write up the story for Citizen.C. The answer was a resounding, “Yes!”

            “This is perfect,” said Angie R. “We have our first story.”


Journalists in the making

Due to Mrs. Turner’s lateness, ES journalism students had 15 minutes to produce their first piece. They made their deadline!

Michele Turner